Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tossed In Space

A friend and I pitched an animated short Idea the other day. It was a lot of hard work getting a pitch together in only three months. We had story sessions over and over again late after work. My partner in crime Chris did at least a thousand different storyboard drawings. Editing together a story reel and adding sound had us pulling several all nighters. Holly did some incredible character design for us (pictured left), as well as putting together a beautiful presentation. It was like being in college again, crunching for a final project. But in the end we had a little premiere party for our friends to show it off and it was a lot of fun. We had about a week off (where I asked holly to marry me) and then we got a call that it was time to pitch to the execs. The room was tough, and afterwards I felt that maybe they didn't like it. A few minutes later we ran into another group that pitched, and it seemed that they had an even tougher time than we did, which made us feel much better and even got our hopes up. A few days later I heard a rumor that another group had been contacted and that they were going to get green lit. So that night Holly and I went out for a failure dinner (I told her a while back that I was trying for three things that the odds were heavily against me: publish a short story, pitch a feature idea, and pitch a short animation. Since each were likely to fail, I thought that just like how you go out to celebrate when you get something, we'd go out to celebrate my failures to make three in a row easier to take). She told me that I was jumping the gun, and that I owed her dinner later if I ended up being wrong. Then next day I got a call saying that they loved the concept, but wanted to give us notes on what they felt could use improving. We'd then address the issues and re-pitch. Sure doesn't mean we got it, but it's a start! I mean fuck, any news in this industry is good news. And I get to have dinner with a hot chick again. Note to self: listen to Holly more, she's much smarter than you.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Gettin Hitched

Yep, I dun asked Holly to marry me. Had an incredible trip for a week throughout California. Finally making up for some of the rediculous rent that we pay to live in this state. Holly put up a much more detailed account of things at


...she's gonna marry a slacker.